HMS Victory

Over 250 years of maritime heritage are encased in this historic ship. Over the years the Royal Navy and historic Dockyard have maintained and restored Nelson’s valuable flagship to ensure it is with us for generations to come.

Each item will be carefully handcrafted using timber including English Oak, teak and mahogany and fixings such as hand forged iron nails and copper screws, saved during the restoration of this historic vessel. Every care is taken to maintain as much of the history in the materials as possible and use them in a practical way. You will see where the square nail holes remain and the screw holes have been filled with timber plugs. These characteristics make your item unique and display how the craftsmen over the centuries have kept this hero of the seas afloat.

All of our items are finished with our own blend of wax ensuring the beauty of this timber is naturally preserved for you to enjoy for years to come.