Our Timber

Sourced locally and sustainably

We work closely with a number of local estates and tree surgeons to get the very best possible timber available. When coppicing and managing woodland, very often part or an entire tree will need to be taken down for safety or the health of the woodland. In some cases our timber is stored for 5 or more years to ensure it is well seasoned and dry enough to use.

Making the most of quality timber

We ensure every part of the timber is used and not wasted

Once the timber is ready, we bring it to our workshop and create a range of homewares and use every part of the timber. Our wood shavings are now used for smoking meat and fish and we have created our brand of home fragrance. Even the sawdust is used locally for goats and chickens – so we don’t waste anything. All of our products are finished with our own blend of wax ensuring the beauty of our timber is naturally preserved.

Created For You

Unique one-of-a-kind products that can be personalised

Each and every item is made to order and created with the natural character of the timber at its heart, enabling natures creation to become a part of your home.

You’ll find a number of items in our range, but if there’s a particular size, style or timber you’d prefer, just let us know and we’ll be happy to talk through you ideas.

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